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     It's the perfect audiobook for listening at the beach, pretending you're paying attention to a Zoom call, or drowning out the idiots on their cell phones at Starbucks.

     I've produced an audiobook called Blogweasel. It's a compilation of over 8 hours of stuff about advertising and marketing. It has readings from articles I’ve written, interviews I’ve done, podcasts I’ve been a part of, talks I‘ve given, and arguments I’ve had with Uber drivers.

     Best part, it's only $12.99. I've paid more than that recently for a tunafish sandwich.

     You're probably wondering how you can be part of this wonderful new experience. It's simple. Get your ass over to the left column and click "Buy Album $12.99"

     It's also he perfect gift for anyone with ears!

     There's a 3-minute "snippets track" right over

 <------ here.

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