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 Bob's first audiobook.

    " I usually fall asleep when listening to audio books but not only was I wide wake throughout, I was also taking notes... Loved it, definitely my favourite of the year...."

Bob's web-book. "Many otherwise sensible people seem to possess an unhealthy and bewildering confidence in the practice of marketing. I’m afraid I don’t share their enthusiasm." It's all about

the foibles, failures and fecklessness of traditional marketing wisdom.


"An all-out assault against the ills of the advertising industry. He details its hubris, delusions...egos and genuflection of data, drops them all into a garbage can, and lights it on fire." -Communication Arts

"A fascinating account of an advertising practice little meticulous as it is accessible ...this is an eye-opening book." -Kirkus Reviews

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"Best Of Marketing, 2017" -The Drum

"One of our truly great marketing iconoclasts."

- Mark Ritson

"I'm jealous. I wish I'd been brave enough

to be this rude." - Prof. Byron Sharp,

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