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- Social Media: Millions of unpleasant people looking to make trouble.

- Creative people make the ads. Everyone else makes the arrangements.

- In marketing today, delusional thinking isn't just acceptable, it's mandatory.

- As an ad medium, the web is a much better yellow pages and a much worse television.

- Sometimes success in the ad agency business requires sitting quietly and letting clients proceed with their hysterical delusions.

- Marketers prefer precise answers that are wrong to imprecise answers that are right.

- Brand studies last for months, cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and generally have less impact on business than cleaning the drapes.

- The idea that the same person who was frantically clicking her TV remote to escape from advertising was going to merrily click her mouse to interact with it is going to go down as one of the great advertising delusions of all time.

- Nobody really knows what "creativity" is. Every year thousands of  people take a pilgrimage to find out. This  involves flying to Cannes, snorting cocaine, and having sex with smokers.

- Marketers habitually overestimate the attraction of new things and underestimate the power of traditional consumer behavior.

- We don’t get them to try our product by convincing them to love our brand. We get them to love our brand by convincing them to try our product.

- In American business nothing is believed stupider than the previous generation of management.

- If the message is right, who cares what screen people see it on? If the message is wrong,what difference does it make?

- The only form of product information on the planet less trustworthy than advertising is the shrill ravings of web maniacs.

- The surrender to orthodoxy in marketing is such that you're better off being wrong

inside the "normal" range than right outside of it.

- There's no bigger sucker than a gullible marketer convinced she's missing a trend.

- All ad campaigns are branding campaigns. Whether you intend it to be a branding campaign is irrelevant. It will create an impression of your brand regardless of your intent.

- Nobody ever got famous predicting that things would stay pretty much the same.

- Tracking: When did the convenience of marketers become more important than the

privacy rights of individuals and the integrity of democratic institutions?

- In marketing, the untold story is usually the real story.

- The tactical always drives out the strategic.

- We are not all creative. In fact, hardly any of us are.

- Everything about marketing is contingent. There is no black and white, no ‘always’ or ‘never.’ There are only likelihoods and probabilities.

- The most fundamental objective of brand marketing is to achieve fame.

- Most of the people who buy your product do not love it and never will.

Spend your time and money accordingly.

- An ad is not a court case. The best argument doesn't win.

Logic, to a frightening degree, is irrelevant.

- Good ads appeal to us as consumers. Great ads appeal to us as humans.

- I met a guy last week who didn’t have a podcast.

- Brand purpose is the first hiding place of bad marketers

- Nobody ever got famous in private

- Everything the adtech industry has ever told us about privacy and security has turned out to be horseshit.

- Every generation invents its own clichés that mean nothing, but for a brief time pass for wisdom

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