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"A fascinating account of an advertising practice little meticulous as it is accessible ...this is an eye-opening book." -Kirkus Reviews


"Hoffman... details (the ad industry's) hubris, delusions... drops them all into a garbage can, and lights it on fire."  Communication Arts

"One of our truly great marketing iconoclasts."

- Mark Ritson


Bob has written six Amazon #1 selling books about advertising.  Each is available here as a paperback, ebook and in one case,  audiobook.

He has also produced two free downloadable ebooks which are availabe here, as well as a stand-alone audiobook.

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"Best Of Marketing, 2017"  -The Drum

"Buy this book and read it. Then read it again. As usual, Bob Hoffman is a voice of reason. This is a must-read for anybody who has any interest in digital marketing." -Amazon Review

"Marketers are from Mars..." is one of the most entertaining diatribes against the current state of marketing you'll read." - Amazon Review

“Hilarious, irreverent and informative”

- Amazon Review

"Bob is the little child who points out that the emperor is wearing no clothes...I'm jealous. I wish I'd been brave enough to be this rude." -  Prof. Byron Sharp, author "How Brands Grow."

Bob's first audiobook The Simple Art of Advertising -or- How to Stop Complicating the Shit Out of Everything is an inspiring, uncompromising, and hilarious compendium of philosophy, conversations, rants, and wisdom about the art and business of advertising.

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There have been thousands of books and articles extolling the virtues of marketing and advertising. But I don't think there has ever been one about how stupid and wasteful most of it is. Well, now there is.

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How marketers waste billions every year on online advertising. Why nothing is done. How to protect yourself.

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