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World Federation of Advertisers


Click here to watch Bob speak to members of the European Parliament and others about the

dangers of online tracking.

"The best speaker we ever had." Time Inc, UK

"Five minutes of Bob Hoffman (was) worth flying 24 hours for." Sunita Gloster, CEO, Australian Association of National Advertisers

"The whoops and cheers were plentiful. Bob Hoffman knows exactly what he's doing." The Irish Times

"Let me once again say - Bravo! A highlight of the week." Erica Farber, President & CEO, Radio Advertising Bureau

"The most entertaining talk given during Advertising Week Europe (or any conference for that matter.") AdRants


"The presentation was fabulous and the feedback afterward was even better" Screenforce, Netherlands

"Hoffman is a voice of reason in our increasingly crazy world of advertising. His no bullshit, down to earth reasoning will have you reexamining everything you do."  Media Post

"Bob Hoffman is among the brightest, most cogent writers and speakers on advertising in the modern age." Matt Beall, CEO, Hawaii Life

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