Clippings From Around the World

This article on the dreadful language of the marketing industry features a quote from Bob

BBC World Service interviews Bob about the Trump/Twitter phenomenon

MSNBC interviews Bob about surveillance marketing

Canada's largest newspaper does a feature story on BadMen.

Feature about Bob in Ireland's biggest daily

Review of "BadMen" by Time, Inc UK

New Zealand public TV interviews Bob about online tracking.

Bob's opening argument at the World Federation of Advertisers debate on ad tech, in Toronto

Bob is interviewed on Canada's public broadcasting network, the CBC

The Financial Times has a wonderful piece about  

advertising with quotes from Bob. 

Bob is interviewed about big brands unwittingly sponsoring terrorist sites

Bob talks about Facebook / Cambridge Analytica scandal on many iHeartRadio stations

The Irish Times does a feature story about Bob's talk at the ADFX awards in Dublin, Ireland.

Radiocentre London interviews Bob about online advertising 

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