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"In equal parts hysterical, scathing, insightful and instructive."


"I can't stop laughing. Bought a second copy for my co-workers."

"Probably everyone on my bus route thought I was high...because I laughed so much I was in tears..."

"If one could write with a knife, Bob Hoffman would be the first to do so...he analyses the stupidity in business, marketing and advertising with such great humour that it actually hurts... I could not stop crying at laughing@advertising."

"He manages to be rude and likable at the same time...it's nonstop, funny..."

"Essential laughter therapy for anyone who works in brand marketing - 10/10"

"Every single word that comes out of Uncle Bob's mouth is advertising truth. He might be the smartest person in the industry."

"Masterpiece. From the first to the last word."


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Best Of Marketing, 2017

The Drum

" A funny and uproarious read"

Douglas Burdett, The Marketing Book Podcast

"I'm jealous. I wish I'd been brave enough to be this rude."  Prof. Byron Sharp, Author "How Brands Grow"